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Ruth|Catone is a private consultancy for collectors of Modern and Contemporary art in all media.

The firm focuses exclusively on the passions, interests and objectives of the collectors we service. Our measured and unbiased counsel is shaped by our decades of experience, our deep and extensive relationships and our financially disinterested engagement with all offerings. Simply put, our agenda as consultants coheres seamlessly and solely with that of our collectors.

Ruth|Catone advises both significant, established collectors and those just beginning to conceptualize long-term collecting ambitions and interests as they navigate the increasingly populated and complex network of gallerists, auctioneers, dealers, agents, collectors and investors.

Ruth|Catone provides expertise and centers the comprehensive services critical for serious collectors, including but not limited to: gathering, analyzing and imparting necessary historical and financial information; amassing and filtering offerings and opportunities; developing and defining curatorial frameworks to evaluate acquisition possibilities; and managing essential ancillary activities, including preservation and presentation of the collection.

Our in-depth curatorial and collection management services are tailored according to individual needs and desires.